Best Site/app for selling

I have sold on multiples apps and sites to consumers to get some items out of my house. AND THE MOST SATISFIED I HAVE BEEN IS WITH 👉POSHMARK 👈 for sure.It’s hassle free and very easy. I have been websites such as Etsy, Mercari, Amazon, etc. but haven’t had that same satisfaction.

For one Poshmark is very convenient for buyers and sellers. I mean Communication is absolutely amazing definitely never had trouble with that as being a seller. Selling is just as easy. I know for some people listing takes a lot of time. But Poshmark does mainly the work in listing. One big issue I’ve had with other apps is definitely shipping and measuring weight, height, and length. Which is a bit of hassle and time consuming. Considering a lot of people do not have. For Poshmark just answer the catergory, quantity, size, brand, color, listing price, original price, description, title and, boutique. That is nothing compared to other sites. Plus half of these information are optional to answer. As easy as 1 , 2 , and 3.

Poshmark has features that other features do not have such as parties, opening a boutique, sharing, becoming a posh ambassador ,host picks and much more. Parties really have helped increased my sales by a ton. 🌺You share other people listings and yours to your followers or either the parties that happen every single day. 🌺Opening a boutique is a half other side of your closet with brand new and multiple of that one items. Opening a boutique is completely free and hassle free as well. Same listing terms you just have to press if its a boutique item or not.🌺 there a few steps and as you go through the way you accomplish the steps to becoming a posh ambassador status. It gives you the title of being a great service to the customers. Showing that your active and share on there.🌺 we have parties everyday that tell us the timings so if we would like to join we would know when. And in parties posh ambassadors or who are the hosts pick a couple of items to represent and hare called “Host picks” that they believe deserves recognition and love. Host Picks really do help with sells and sharing.🌺 I have been apart of a few host picks and am very honored. And made various sells from that.

One of the other things I love about Poshmark is that it is a community of love. Other people will always be welcoming you when you join and sharing your items helping you sell and others.❤️ through out my year I have made a lot of PFFs which are posh friend forever🌺 I absolutely love the people on there. When you first join they will always welcome you. If you ever need any advice on selling they will provide you with them. Very caring and livening community. I 100% recommended the app. The app does take 20% of all sales made which I thought was high at first but considering all stuff there is to it. No listing fees, boutique fees, don’t have to worry about shipping, and more items. When you sell an item and would like to redeem there are to options one for bank account and one for check. I love how there are two options because many only provide one option such as Etsy and Mercari which is a bank account.

There are limitless things to say about this app and I am very grateful for it. I hope I helped you out and maybe inspired you to try it to take out somethings we may not need or that are useless sitting in our homes. And just a way to make a little extra money.

My username is @prettyclothes38 definitely feel free to check out my closet for Dainty jewelry, wallets, kids items, Women’s, men’s, and kids clothing, etc. If you ever want to ask any questions definitely feel free to do so😁

to receive 10$ credit when you first sign up use the CODE : PRETTYCLOTHES38

If you do decide to try the app out definitely let me know how it went for you in the comments ☝️would love to know your guys experience!

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Denim On Denim

Denim on Denim has been a fairly trend for quite a while. In my opinion I absolutely love it. Mainly because the Denim color does not have to be the exact shade. I often find my self pairing my black washed out type denim along with my light/medium Washed jeans and it turns out so Cute and Boujee.

A few Celebrites that I’ve seen do that a lot is Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Winnie Harlow.

Winnie Harlow Just pops in that outfit. Dark wash jeans with a lighter wash button on shirt is absolutely gorgeous and truly brings out her reflection.

While on the other hand Kylie Jenner wore this extravagant two piece denim outfit. Which is just such a summer look paired with her tiny shoulder purse. Blue on blue on blue.

I’ve been recently loving the trend Heels with denim jeans very cute and classy. Or those two tone jeans are just very chic.

in this Photo is Beautiful Maddie Ziegler. I absolutely love the look she chose. Her jeans with a bit of a fringe on the bottom then denim shade block heels. I’m in love with this outfit.

Over all love the Trend of Denim On Denim. Could be styled down and styled up. Denim isn’t one of those things which is minimal to styling with other denim pieces.

I hope you guys got to learn a few things and maybe have you guys a few tips about how to style clothing together. And that may just bring a whole outfit together. Thank you so much for reading!

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